dharmaKaya® YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Cherryl Duncan


with Cherryl Duncan (supported by Dr. Charlotte Kraft)

01.03.2018 bis 10.06.2018

Foundation training 200 hours

  • Accredited yoga teaching certificate (registered with the Yoga Alliance)
  • 200 hours of training (philosophy, practical, theoretical)
  • 7 Weekends Saturday and Sunday in the Lehel Studio
  • Full weekend at the Alpen Retreat in Austria
  • Access to our online and offline community
  • Opportunity to be part of the online dharmaKaya community which means we support your personal goals, whether that means teaching or not
  • Enjoy our support team including Dr Charlotte Kraft, an orthopaedic surgeon and dharmaKaya® yoga teacher for the section on the physical Anatomy of Yoga as well as Andreas Bothner, an experienced Tibetan Buddhist scholar

dharmaKaya® yoga is a registered brand name and the training is recognised and accepted by Yoga Alliance International to provide 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training programmes led by Cherryl Duncan, founder and creator of dharmaKaya® yoga.

This transformative teacher training program enables you to obtain an accreditation to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga anywhere in the world. The dharmaKaya® Teacher Training program takes place during an intensive residential stay at the Alpen Retreat in Austria and is continues on weekends at Patrick Broome in Lehel for 7 weeks.

The dates are as follows

01.03. – 04.03.2018 (Alpen-Retreat Austria)
10.03. – 11.03.2018 (Studio Lehel)
17.03. – 18.03.2018 (Studio Lehel)
07.04. – 08.04.2018 (Studio Lehel)
14.04. – 15.04.2018 (Studio Lehel)
28.04. – 29.04.2018 (Studio Lehel)
12.05. – 13.05.2018 (Studio Lehel)
02.06. – 03.06.2018 (Studio Lehel)
09.06. – 10.06.2018 (Studio Lehel)

Times as follows

Saturdays 09:00 – 17:00
Sundays 10:00 – 18:30

The curriculum will cover


  • The dharmaKaya yoga method principles and practices
  • The 8 limbed path of Master Patanjali
  • The different paths of Yoga
  • Chanting of Sutra and basic Sanskrit
  • Basic anatomy and different types of injury
  • Energy anatomy
  • The dharmaKaya drama free yogic diet
  • Basic Buddhism 101
  • Introduction to Tantric Buddhism and purification practices

Purification and transformation


  • Correct alignment and how to give assists
  • What the Sanskrit names mean
  • Benefits and contraindications
  • The importance of transitioning
  • Common mistakes and how to correct them
  • Asana as purification and a means for insight


  • What it is
  • How it can be used
  • Different kinds of pranayama

Developing the light within

  • How Karma Works
  • What is Emptiness?
  • The role of teachers
  • Full Meditation course
  • Authenticity Training (how to find your authentic voice) based on Cherry’s book Magnificently Real
  • How to create good and effective sequencing
  • The use of music
  • How to give a good Dharma Talk
  • Practical teaching and one on one feedback including a written and practical exam


  • What Mindfulness is
  • How to incorporate it into daily life
  • An introduction into mindfulness facilitation

Please note that the course is held in English but full German transcript and audio classes are available. Also, the student can teach in German, ask questions in German and still receive all the relevant information. All of the dharmaKaya® trainings so far have been taken by German speaking students.

What is dharmaKaya Yoga?

The dharmakaya is the emptiness and omniscience of a Buddha’s mind. It is the result of the collection of wisdom. In the dharmaKaya Yoga method, we incorporate the wisdom as well as the compassion teachings of the Buddha to cultivate an elevated state of mind; as close to the Buddha’s mind as possible.

Practically speaking, it is a system of slow, controlled movements that always include elements of energy work, breath, philosophy and meditation.

dharmaKaya Yoga has authenticity at the heart of its teaching. The goal is to teach people to get real about who they are, to love who they really are and to express who they really are. Everyone has a unique and important voice to share, everyone has a specific path and purpose that, when realised results in a deeply fulfilling, rich and rewarding life. It’s only when we stop living the life we were expected to live that we can truly live the life we were meant to live.

Everyone can be a yoga teacher, but not everyone can know what their purpose is and better yet, communicate that purpose. If you’ve ever wondered what it is you have to say, or have something to say but don’t know how to communicate it, then this training is for you.

dharmaKaya Yoga is an intensely physical and spiritually focused practice. The practice is best described as deep, slow and sensual. Sensual in that the student is encouraged to focus intensely on the different sensations that arise throughout the practice. It is in this way, that the practice goes from being a regular form of exercise, to a deeply intimate and personal transformative experience. There is a strong focus on breath as it is through the breath that we are able to feel.
The practice challenges students to stay present with all sensation, with all thought and with all feeling. The student learns how to not judge, criticize, or analyze themselves but instead, to open up to pure experience. This results in a gradual letting go of old patterned behaviors that may be holding the student back. DharmaKaya Yoga builds confidence, willpower and concentration. The student learns how to practice in a way that is deeply introspective and authentic, leading to a life more authentically expressed.

More about the Teacher Training

By the end of the training, students will be able to effectively teach a full 90 minutes dharmaKaya Yoga class with self-confidence. In this training, students learn how to become teachers who inspire with an authentic voice. For this to happen, students will go through a process of self investigation and will be challenged physically and emotionally.
The training is about learning how to teach others Yoga, but also about how to use the experiences from the student’s own life, to help and benefit the students they will go on to teach.
It is about understanding the potential teacher’s strengths and perceived limitations to be an effective communicator and an authentic ambassador for living a Yogic (I.e more compassionate and connected) life.
The training is therefore deeply transformational and an attempt to awaken the student to their life’s purpose which in the end may or may not be, to be a Yoga teacher.
It is therefore not only for those wanting to teach, but those wanting to learn how to integrate the practice of Yoga into their everyday life.

Costs of the Training

Whole cost of the course 3.200 EUR (due on registration) + about 200 EUR for AlpenRetreat.
Early bird price at 2.900 EUR + about 200 EUR AlpenRetreat if you book before the the 31th of December 2017.
Bookings close on the 15th of Januar 2018. Please make sure payment and registration is done before then.
Bookings open and will be granted on a first come first served basis and space is limited.

Price includes

  • Accredited yoga teaching certificate (registered with the Yoga Alliance)
  • 200 hours of training (philosophy, practical, theoretical)
  • 8 weekends Saturday and Sunday in the Lehel Studio (Alpen Retreat is to be booked separately)
  • dharmaKaya teacher training manual (excluding recommended reading material)
  • Access to our online and offline community
  • Opportunity to be part of the online dharmaKaya community which means we support your personal goals, whether that means teaching or not

Requirements and Required Reading

Before your arrival at the course you need to

  1. Have or establish a daily asana practice
  2. Have but not necessarily have read:
    Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha- Swami Satchidananda
    Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Swami Satchidananda
    Read: Magnificently Real: Cherryl Duncan

Dates: 01.03.2018 – 10.06.2018
Times: Saturday 09:00 – 17:00, Sunday 10:00 – 18:30
Location: Yoga Studio Lehel • Robert-Koch-Str. 13 • 80538 München
Costs (Alpen Retreat excluded): 3.200 EUR (2.900 EUR Early-Bird)
Costs Alpen Retreat: about 200 EUR

Further information:

Sign up for the TT:
Booking of Alpen Retreat:
Please book the Alpen Retreat directly after you have been signed up for the Teacher Training.